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Cinnamon Bark is a powerful antibiotic for persons over the age of 6. It has even been shown clinically to eliminate MRSA  (a potentially lethal internal Staph infection). A co-worker / fellow FNP mentioned that her mother was being treated in the hospital for two months and MRSA was not being eradicated with the strongest IV antibiotics. I gave her a bottle of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil and directions to add 5 drops to a 20 oz bottle of juice and have her mother shake the bottle and sip some every hour. Well, the IV antibiotics may have finally kicked in, but she was out of the hospital in a week. Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil has been proven in a German study to eradicate MRSA. It is effective also on skin boils from any type of Staph. It can be caustic and must be diluted.   DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT, ON ANTI-COAGULANTS, HAVE KIDNEY OR LIVER DISEASE, OR HAVE PROSTATE CANCER. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 6.

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