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Cypress Essential Oil has a rich history of use in both China and the Island of Cyprus. It is said to clear and soothe the mind, ease stress and tension, and to mitigate anger and irritability when diffused. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and is used, in combination with Eucalyptus, to relieve congestion in the lungs from illness. It even helps with emphysema symptoms. My favorite use for Cypress Essential Oil takes advantage of its clinically proven ability to increase circulation. Circulation problems are a common cause of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The small vessels that deliver blood to the nerves are damaged by the high sugar levels. This reduces the amount of oxygen and blood to the nerves. This causes the nerves to react by becoming numb or painful and can lead to foot wounds that won't heal. I have my diabetic patients use this formula and they report that the pain and numbness signficantly lessens within 3 days. None of them have progressed to diabetic foot ulcers. In a 1 ounce bottle, add olive oil to half full. Add 30-40 drops of Cypress Essential Oil and 20-30 drops Juniper Essential Oil. Fill the rest with Tea Tree Oil and shake. Apply nightly. Let soak in for a few minutes and cover with a loose sock overnight.

Do you want to increase collateral circulation (the growth of additional blood vessels) to the heart to prevent damage in case of a clot to the coronary arteries? Do you want to lessen Angina symptoms? Rub Cypress Essential Oil over your heart nightly.

An Egyptian Medical study has shown Cypress Essential Oil to be hepatoprotective, aid detoxification of the liver, and to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels ... rub some over the liver.

Do you get leg cramps? Some cramps are due to a buildup of lactic acid, which is cleared away with cypress oil’s diuretic properties. Cypress also has antispasmodic qualities. It inhibits problems associated with spasms, such as cramps and muscle pulls. Cypress oil is effective in relieving restless leg syndrome — a neurological condition characterized by throbbing, pulling and uncontrollable spasms in the legs.

The antibacterial properties of Cypress Essential Oil makes it useful to treat sores, pimples, pustules and skin eruptions. It aids the healing of cuts and wounds.

Due to cypress oil’s ability to stimulate blood flow, it serves as a perfect remedy for varicose veins, as well as those annoying facial spider veins. It also treats cellulite by pulling out the excess fluid and increasing circulation. It can even be used on hemorrhoids.

Do not use Cypress Essential Oil internally or when pregnant.

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