Why Certified Organic?

The different essential oils themselves are PURIFIED in similar manners, for example: steam distilled, CO2 extracted, etc. The only difference is the SOURCE of the oil. It starts either with a certified organic source and a certified organic processing plant or it starts with a NON- certified source. "Wild-crafted" oils don't have any pesticides, but the processing is not certified organic either. Did you ever take organic chemistry in college? There are always some impurities in the distillate or extraction. The question you need to answer is: Does it matter to YOU? I use the non-organic for sprays I concoct for outside. I use organic when I diffuse, apply, or ingest. My lifestyle is organic. I eat organic; I live organic; and I raise organic chickens. Organic is important to me, but it isn't for everybody and I get that. Our Certified Organic Essential Oils are CERTIFIED by TWO certification bodies: OTCO and USDA. If you wish, either one of those organizations can give you details of the certification process... it is quite detailed. For me, it's not simply the pesticides and herbicides that end up in Big Ag crops, but the love, devotion, and care for the planet by the organic farmer that creates the unique energy found in certified organic products.