Nebulizing Waterless Diffuser for Car Travel Office - USB or Rechargable Battery Options

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Yes! Organic Aromas is so proud of this Diffuser, they sell it for a "discounted" price on Amazon of $89.99. We're proud too of this Professional Aromatherapy Nebulizing Diffuser that we have at a Special Price for a Limited Time!
This Essential Oil Nebulizing Waterless Diffuser is shipped directly from our warehouse in Tennessee.

This Product will be Back September to October.

  • This diffuser is perfect for travel, yoga, office, bedroom and any where you need powerful aromas fast and easy. This unit measures 68mm/ 2.67 inches wide at the base and 160mm/ 6.29 inches tall. It weighs approximately 440 grams or about 1 pound.
  • PROVEN EFFECTIVE - Nebulizing Diffuser® uses NO heat, NO water and NO plastic. The specialty glass reservoir and expert design means there is no waste and your oil will not touch any plastic.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN, GUARANTEES SAFETY: it is the only nebulizer that is not only BPA FREE but also comes with a tough high aluminium casing and glass reservoir. The design is based on the concept of safety and ease of use. All you have to do is Insert the USB power supply and add 10 -20 drops of essential oil. Touch on and off. If you happen to be someone who spends a lot of time in the car then you will find this Diffuser is Perfect! How about some Ginger Essential Oil to keep you alert during rush hour or on long drives?
  • HOW DOES IT OPERATE? the diffuser has a usage cycle, will operate for 2 minutes ON and then 1 minute OFF for a period of 2 hours. After 2 hours, the diffuser will automatically turn off. Comes with a USB plug.
  • HOW DO I CLEAN IT? the diffuser glass reservoir should be removed periodically (perhaps weekly) and rinsed with high % isopropyl alcohol.
  • Boost your energy levels & immune system, improve quality of sleep & ability to focus, soothe your mood & relieve stress, create calming & comforting atmosphere, eliminate headaches & reduce chronic pain & more! This nebulizing oil diffuser has a child-proof, spill-safe function ensures that the diffuser automatically stops running when tilted, preventing leakage of your precious oils.
  • No Water & No Heat: Just 100% pure oil diffusion aromatherapy. Using a burst of air, the nebulizing diffuser converts the oil into a fine mist. This provides a strong therapeutic effect. Because no water is used for diffusion, the mist released is actual micro-droplets of pure essential oil, allowing you to experience the pure therapeutic benefits of the Essential Oil..
  • POWERFUL, DURABLE AND ENERGY EFFICIENT: Unlike the ultrasonic diffuser, It uses pure essential oils with NO heat and NO water! You can smell the fantastic aromas within no time. It equipped with a powerful, durable and energy efficient electric pump that creates an effect of a whisper and lets you feel the effect of aromatic therapy with different essential oils.
  • •HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: the stylish design paired with metal texture ensures class, especially in a modern interior setting and decoration. You can enjoy style with the health benefits and effectiveness from diffusing undiluted pure essential oil.  


PLEASE NOTE: This product requires an additional shipping fee of $25.00 to be sent outside of the continental United States. We are not greedy, but the US Postal Service is! Please add this product to your cart if this particular item is to be sent to any place outside of the continental US (Sorry):    ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEE 

Do you love essential oils?
Are you seeking relief from dry air, flu or cracked skin? 
Or do you just want your vehicle to smell awesome?

Perhaps Some Ginger Essential Oil diffusing to Keep You Alert on Those Long Drives and Commutes?

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